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Series listed in alphabetical order, individual stories in no particular order.

Most adult material is friends-locked. If you'd like to read the locked stories, just friend the journal/leave a comment. Also, I sometimes forget to check this journal, so if you don't hear back from me, I probably just missed your message by accident. I try to get back to everyone.

Thanks for reading!

Ace Attorney:

Friday Night. Edgeworth and Gumshoe attempt to go on a date. They're not exactly dating experts. [Gumshoe/Edgeworth]

Sucker. Gumshoe decides to try out a new gimmick, with mixed results. [Gumshoe/Edgeworth]

Good Advice. Apollo asks Prosecutor Gavin for dating advice. [Apollo/Klavier, Phoenix/Edgeworth]

I Put a Spell on You. In spite of his lifelong love of spelling, not even Edgeworth could have predicted how exciting his charity spelling bee would become. [Godot/Edgeworth, Phoenix/Edgeworth]

Backstage. Daryan and Klavier love performing. Onstage and off. [Daryan/Klavier]

Smokers. Daryan's a smoker. Klavier isn't. But sometimes they smoke together. [Daryan/Klavier]

Waking from Dreams. Phoenix finds his babysitter a difficult man to figure out. [Diego/Phoenix]

A Light Step. All things come to an end. And another beginning. [Diego/Mia]

Learning to See. After his time in prison, Diego has come to Kurain Village to recover. He has also come home. [Diego/Mia]

Assets. There are some nice things to see in the office, if you know where to look. [Diego/Mia]

Working Relationship. Mia has a strict policy of not dating people she works with. Can Diego Armando make her change her mind? [Diego/Mia]

Olive Juice. Apollo and Phoenix share a great love for justice and for juice--but is that all they share? [Apollo/Phoenix]

Ace Attorney: Wedding Investigations. At last, the day of Miles' wedding has arrived. But where is his groom? [Phoenix/Edgeworth]

Empty Nest. Kristoph's brother has moved out and moved on; however will he replace him? [Kristoph]

From Start to Finish. The murderous history of Kristoph Gavin and his attempt to make the world a better place. [Kristoph]

Reckless Endangerment. Amateur music critic Apollo has a lesson to teach his "favorite" rock star. [Apollo/Klavier]

Court of Appeals. The young but brilliant defense attorney, Kristoph Gavin, decides to work on an appeal for infamous murderer Dahlia Hawthorne. [Kristoph/Dahlia]

Reveille. Maybe the Feys aren't the only ones who can talk to spirits. [Diego/Mia]

A Ghost Story. When Ambassador Palaeno is faced with a supernatural mystery, he remembers hearing about a certain spirit medium. [Colias]

Caged Bird. Magicians need a little help sometimes--but so do their assistants. [Vera, Trucy]

Guten Morgen. Ema doesn't like Klavier. She has a very good reason. He's not what he seems. [Klavier, Ema]

Burden of Proof. Being a detective is in Daryan's blood, but sometimes solving a mystery doesn't solve the problem, as he discovers when he learns Klavier's secret. [Daryan/Klavier, Kristoph/Klavier]

Family Colors. Apollo had never thought too hard about what the Gavins' parents might be like, but he's about to uncover the truth. [Apollo, Klavier, Colias]

Not Cloudy All Day. Jake Marshall rides again. [Jake, Neil]

A Sensible Imagination. Von Karma's rules are strict, but it is not Miles' intention to break them. [Miles, von Karma]

Every Thursday. There is one loyal brother in the Gavin family, and he has not yet given up the fight. [Klavier, Kristoph]

A Game of Cards. Of all the borscht joints, in all the towns, in all the world, Klavier had to walk into Phoenix's. [Klavier/Phoenix]

Eighteen and Up. Apollo has a problem, and it's written all over his face. In fact, it is his face. Which, in his opinion, makes him look far too young. [Klavier/Apollo, Phoenix/Apollo]

What Magic Is. Apollo has a problem, and it's written all over his face. In fact, it is his face. Which, in his opinion, makes him look far too young. [Vera, Trucy]

The Same Page. Lang's functional illiteracy is a secret he has kept for years. However, there are many forms of language in the world, and Edgeworth's own personal literacy problem might be even more serious. [Lang/Edgeworth]

Physicality. Edgeworth must explain his asexuality to his partner. Will it ruin their relationship? [Gumshoe/Edgeworth]

Tickling a Pal. After accidentally tickling the Cohdopian Ambassador, Gumshoe finds that he can't stop thinking about it. [Gumshoe/Colias]

Empiricism. Miles Edgeworth is not afraid of ghosts. [Edgeworth]

Sleepers Wake. Phoenix and Diego meet once again, and everything has changed between them. [Diego/Phoenix]

What We've Been Dealt: Klavier and Apollo don't know each other very well outside of work, but they have a great deal in common--more than either of them suspects. [Kristoph/Klavier, Kristoph/Apollo, Klavier/Apollo]
Part One

In Loco Parentis: At seventeen, having spent much of his life in foster care and group homes, Apollo has all but given up on finding a permanent family. Things are about to change. [Kristoph/Apollo, Phoenix/Apollo]
Part One
Part Two

Turnabout Detective: (unfinished) When Kristoph Gavin attempts to murder fellow prisoner Daryan Crescend, Klavier Gavin is on the case. His investigation leads him to some surprising conclusions. [Daryan/Klavier]
Part One: Solitary Cell 13.
Part Two: Prison infirmary.

Avatar: The Last Airbender:

General Fiction:

Nice stories about butterflies, family, and cute kids. Yes, that is really what these stories are about.

Ember. Iroh witnesses the explosion on Zuko's ship and hastens to see if his nephew is still alive.

Brushwork. Young Mai has decided to present the prince with a gift.

The King's Subjects. The youthful Earth King has many pets, but the butterflies are his favorites.

Remembrance. Katara and Sokka are forced to deal with new developments in their father's life.

The Elements. Sozin has been seeking the Avatar all these long years.

Het: I can write about heterosexual relationships! I swear!

Treehouse. The gravest wounds take the most time to heal, and Jet's are no exception. [Jet/Smellerbee]

Slash (includes ladies):

Slash is divided into sub-categories. Because I write a lot of it!

[Note: As the Avatar universe is largely based on Eastern cultures, I decided that the attitudes towards homosexuality need not necessarily be defined by Western standards; these stories are a bit more informed by Eastern ideas concerning sexuality. Of course, they are just for fun, and not meant to be an accurate depiction of homosexuality in Ancient China, Inuit tradition, or any other culture, but I went with the basic ideas of sexual behavior not defining identity and male/male sexual relationships being somewhat more accepted than in post-Classical European history, if not the norm. Ha ha, this note got wordy and features generalities, sorry. Also, I analyze things too much.]

Type One: Sweet Slash: Wistful and romantic. Warning: may feature smooching.

Snowfall. Time is passing, and as as Bato and Hakoda reach adulthood, they find their lives changing. [Hakoda/Bato]

Festival Lights. It's time for the Spring Festival, but Bato finds his heart is not in it. [Hakoda/Bato]

Why Zuko Likes Jet. A short piece that is obviously about why Zuko likes Jet. [Jet/Zuko]

The One Exception. Set in an AU wherein Jet survives. Fifty years after they first met, Zuko FINALLY has something to tell Jet. [Jet/Zuko]

The Cure for Sleeplessness. Jet knows the cure for insomnia. [Jet/Zuko]

A New One. When Jet is injured in battle, Li is a welcome distraction from the pain. [Jet/Zuko]

Keep Warm. Zuko knows how to keep Jet warm. [Jet/Zuko]

Lucky. Jet and Longshot are fortunate in the friends they found. [Jet/Longshot]

Because We're Dancing. Dancing wasn't always forbidden in the Fire Nation. [Roku/Sozin]

Type Two: Subtle Slash: Hey, is something slashy going on here? It sure seems like it... So I'm guessing "yes".

Personal Effects. Jet is determined to find proof that the boy from the ferry and his uncle are from the Fire Nation. [Jet/Zuko]

Why Jet Likes Zuko. A short piece that is obviously about why Jet likes Zuko. [Jet/Zuko]

Type Three: Sad Slash: Awwww, no. Why's it gonna be that way?

Memory, Loss. Jet struggles to regain the memories that have been taken from him. [implied Jet/Zuko; implied Jet/Longshot/Smellerbee]

Formal Script. On the eve of Roku's departure, Sozin tries to write him a letter. [Roku/Sozin]

The Dragon. When Sozin finds himself irritated by the topic of Roku's conversation, he tries to change the subject in an unexpected manner. [Roku/Sozin, implied Roku/Ta Min]

Homecoming. At the end of a long life, Sozin finds himself in the Spirit World. But his journey is not over yet... [Roku/Sozin]

Comet. As Fire Lord Sozin prepares to take over the world, he remembers his best friend. [Roku/Sozin]

Paean. Hama has her reasons for the lesson she teaches Katara. [Hama/Kanna]

What You Love. Longshot tells the story of what happened after he left the forest with Jet and Smellerbee. [Jet/Longshot; implied Jet/Zuko, Longshot/Smellerbee, Jet/Smellerbee]

Goodbye. When going through his father's papers, Fire Lord Zuko finds another kind of secret history. [Roku/Sozin]

Cherries. Azula may love cherries, but she despises the pits. [Azula/Ty Lee]

Type Four: Sexy Slash: Adult content, just so you know.

A Ferry Tale, part one. On the ferry, Jet finds himself fascinated by a certain young man. To be continued...? [Jet/Zuko]

Incident Report. [Modern Day AU] Hahn and Zhao get to know each other better. [Zhao/Hahn]

Social Climber. Captain Zhao knows just how to obtain a promotion. [Ozai/Zhao]

Friends. It's night. Chan is bored. And horny. [Chan/Ruon-Jian]

Before the Party. The party's about to start, and Chan and Ruon-Jian have work to do. Set during "The Beach". [Chan/Ruon-Jian]

Tomorrow. Set in an AU wherein Jet survives. What to do when you find out your boyfriend's a Firebender?! Er, have sex with him, obviously. [Jet/Zuko]

Remember. After the war. Zuko is Firelord, but he has not forgotten what his life was like before. [Jet/Zuko]

Type Five: Scary Slash: This is not nice! Probably I should not have written it. Probably you should not be reading it. Probably we both need professional help.

Flare. While spending time in disguise on Zhao's ship, Zuko discovers how the admiral spends his free time. [Zhao/Zuko]

Fissure. Long Feng has been having a difficult time breaking down Jet's resistance, but he doesn't give up easily. [Long Feng/Jet, implied Jet/Zuko]

Type Six: Silly Slash: Now I'm just being ridiculous.

Jet and the Beanstalk. A retelling of the classic fairytale. [Jet/Zuko]

...and Some Other Slash:

Perfect Information: I forgot to list this here before, but my multi-chapter, illustrated, modern day Jet/Zuko collaboration with [ profile] ali_wildgoose (now complete) is housed over at [ profile] perfect_info.

Two Spirits: [ profile] rufftoon has drawn a wonderful AU comic about Zhao, wherein the Ocean Spirit saves his life and he ends up living among the people of the Southern Water Tribe, but with no memory of the man he used to be. "Two Spirits" is set in that universe, and is based upon the supposition that Hahn also survived (written with [ profile] rufftoon's approval, because I asked first!) [Zhao/Hahn]:

Now complete!

Part one | Part two | Part three | Part four | Part five

Doctor Who:

Pastime. Set long after Children of Earth; Jack needs something to do with his time. [9/Jack]

Final Fantasy VII:

Past & Present. Sephiroth has returned the the world, but he is not the man he was. [Sephiroth/Reeve, Rude/Reno, Cid/Vincent, Tseng/Rufus]

Star Trek:

Star Trek: TOS/Reboot:
Fat Spock. What is the mystery behind Fat Spock?! [Gen]

Waterloo. Now, however did Kirk come to know the music of ABBA? Find out in this fic! [Kirk/Bones]

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine:

Diminished Sixth. Weyoun Six is awesome, so I wrote a story about him.



A New Pet. A collaboration with [ profile] pandir. Seto is going out, but who is the mysterious object of his affections? Noa is determined to find out, or at least make a nuisance of himself. [Noa/Mokuba, Seto/???]

Insight. Seto Kaiba wants to work with Pegasus. Pegasus enjoys getting to know his business partners. [Pegasus/Seto]

Ghosts. Mokuba thinks there's a ghost in his room. Seto thinks Mokuba's imagining things. Maybe they're both wrong. [Gen]
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