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Title: Guten Morgen
Fandom: Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney
Word count: 1,432
Characters: Klavier, Ema, Apollo
Rating: 13+
Warnings: Mentions of murder & violence, nothing explicit
Summary: Ema doesn't like Klavier. She has a very good reason.
Notes: Written for the Awesome Bingo I'm doing with [ profile] plutokitty, for the prompt "adrenaline rush". Even though I love Klavier in canon, and I think he's portrayed as very much a nice guy, I also like the idea of the possibility that he is, in fact, more like his brother than he seems--he's just better at hiding it. Which makes Ema's reaction to him very different from the "girl is annoyed by boy she really secretly likes" thing that it's often portrayed as. (Not that I have any problem with Klavier/Ema, I just like the idea that she could be right to dislike him.) Also, I read something related to this on the kink meme once, so even though I can't entirely recall it and have no links, I should say that this was a bit inspired by that. (Ha ha, and you can also read this story as Ema being totally paranoid, which I also think is funny.)

No one else thought twice about it, but Ema couldn't seem to forget. There were some very important questions that no one had seen fit to address.

If Klavier Gavin had presented the evidence during Mr. Wright's trial because of what his brother had told him, why hadn't he questioned how his brother had known about it? It seemed obvious that someone who would have known about such a thing would have likely had something to do with it. Using Occam's Razor as a guide, it made more sense to assume that the person who was coming forward with the forger was the one who was more suspect, especially considering the circumstances.

Except for Zak Gramarye himself, Klavier was probably one of the only people who had known and remembered that Kristoph was meant to be the defense attorney in that case. Klavier must have known that Mr. Wright had been assigned the case the night before. Therefore, he must have known for a fact that there hadn't been enough time for Mr. Wright to find a forger and have the forgery made. Not to mention the fact that a mere examination of Mr. Wright's bank records would easily reveal that he made hardly any money and hadn't made any significant payments to anyone before the trial. Logically speaking, it was impossible for Mr. Wright to have been the forger. She'd seen that in an instant. So had Mr. Edgeworth. Neither of them had doubted Mr. Wright for a moment. So why had Klavier believed his brother?

One might have said that fraternal trust had blinded him, but Ema wasn't so sure. For one thing, the brothers didn't seem to have been that close. For another thing, that idea didn't dovetail with Klavier's insistence on the fact that he valued the truth above all else.

If Klavier Gavin had been a stupid man, Ema would have given him the benefit of the doubt. Klavier Gavin, however, was brilliant. As respected as Kristoph Gavin had been as an attorney, it was almost universally accepted that Klavier was the genius of the family.

Ema wasn't fooled by his polished charm, his sweet words, or his too-perfect smile. Unfortunately, she didn't have any proof to back up her suspicions. That was the problem.

She'd thought she might be able to get some evidence when investigating the LeTouse case, but she'd had no luck. The evidence had all pointed to Detective Crescend in the end.

Ema was a detective. Ema knew Daryan Crescend. One very important thing she knew about him was that, for all his complaining and supposed "bad attitude", Daryan Crescend did everything Klavier Gavin told him to do. Ema wondered how Daryan had even gotten involved in international smuggling when his terror of flying was so severe that the Gavinners had to replace him with a session musician for their overseas tours. Why had he been moved to International Affairs when everyone knew he couldn't travel?

It was Klavier Gavin whose guitar had been used for smuggling. It was Klavier Gavin who had taken such great pains to bring Lamiroir and Machi Tobaye to the US. Klavier claimed to have been playing a guitar full of cocoons. What professional guitarist wouldn't have noticed the fact that his guitar contained foreign objects? Ema was not a musician, but it would have been easy for her to scientifically demonstrate that the change in tone would be obvious even with a few small objects placed inside the guitar. There was only one explanation: there hadn't been any cocoons in that guitar, because Klavier had already removed them.

Not that she could talk to anyone about it. It wasn't as if she could directly bring it up, considering the gravity of her accusations, but when she hinted at it, no one took her concerns seriously. Everyone seemed to have decided either that she had taken a professional dislike to Klavier due to their working relationship, or--even worse--that she had a crush on him. No, it wasn't entirely true that she couldn't talk to anyone. Lana would have taken her seriously, but she didn't want to worry her big sister. Lana had had enough to worry about for one lifetime.

Mr. Wright was content to blame everything on the older Gavin brother, as was Mr. Edgeworth. She would hate to be thought of as irrational or paranoid, especially by the two of them. Both of them would want to see something definite before they even began to believe her.

She wondered if Apollo would listen to her. He knew Klavier, but they weren't exactly close. More than that, he had known Kristoph Gavin. He had worked closely with someone who wasn't what he seemed. If anyone would believe her, it was probably Apollo.

She wanted to ask him about it, but it wasn't the easiest thing to talk about, so she kept putting it off, waiting for the perfect moment. The perfect moment never came. One night, while they were staying up late together, talking about nothing in particular, she finally lost her restraint. She asked Apollo a question she couldn't hold in any longer. "What was it like, working for Mr. Gavin?"

Apollo didn't answer at first. He stared at her. His hand went to his bracelet, probably as a matter of habit.

She knew she had brought up a very sensitive subject, but this was a matter of research. It was important. She didn't want to hurt his feelings, but she plowed ahead. "Did you know what he was really like? I mean--you couldn't have, couldn't you? Or you wouldn't have worked for him, would you?"

"No, I didn't know," he said softly.

"My sister used to work for someone like that, but she didn't know what they were really like, either. I wonder why you never had any idea. You're so perceptive."

"I don't know," said Apollo. "I wish I did."

He looked so downhearted as he said this, she felt guilty about asking. "I'm sorry," she said. "I shouldn't have said anything about it."

"No, it's okay. I understand why you'd want to know. I never felt anything weird about him until the trial. He was just Mr. Gavin to me."

There was so much more she could have said, but those words made her hesitate: He was just Mr. Gavin to me. If Apollo did suspect Klavier, or if he simply sensed that there was an unusual tension in him, wouldn't he already have said something to her? She'd made her feelings about the prosecutor more than clear. If she brought up her doubts, she was willing to bet that Apollo would say It's just Klavier.

There was one final reason Ema suspected Prosecutor Gavin of wrongdoing, and though it was the least scientific, it was also the strongest, not that she would have admitted that fact aloud. When she walked past him, her heartbeat quickened. Her body tensed, and a strange chill prickled down her spine. She turned to look at him, and he smiled. Her pulse pounded in her throat, and she thought, I know this feeling. She had felt it in the past, before she'd even met Klavier.

"Guten Morgen, Fräulein Skye," he said.

Where the weather was concerned, it was a sunny, warm morning, but she didn't return his greeting. She grunted and shrugged.

"And what seems to be the problem?" he asked.

As if he couldn't see the bodies and the blood on the floor in front of them. "Double homicide," she said.

"What a beautiful start to our morning, nicht wahr?"

There was no one else within earshot. Not for the first time, she wondered if he knew what she suspected. Even she didn't know exactly what she suspected, except for the fact something was very wrong. Even now, she doubted herself a little. Maybe the words were an attempt to be cheerful in spite of the grisly scene, or to cheer her up. Maybe she was imagining it. No one else seemed to notice anything, after all.

Yet when she looked into his eyes, above the smile, she found them oddly blank. She turned away. "I'm trying to work," she snapped. She felt a surge of energy. Her instincts were telling her to flee. She stayed right where she was. She had to.

"My apologies," he said brightly. "Carry on. I don't want to disturb you."

It was too late for that.
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