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I was wishing for somewhere to make a post about doofy fannish things, and then I remembered, Hey, I have a fan journal! So I can embarrass myself here.

One thing you might not know about me, unless you are one of the 3-4 people I talk to on AIM who I am not afraid to completely shame myself in front of, is the fact that I have a huge and powerful weakness for fan videos. Terrible ones, great ones, ones with embarrassing songs you wouldn't want anyone to know you listen to... they're just so fun and ridiculous, how can I resist?

Sad but true: when slacking off online, I am almost always looking up fan videos on YouTube. Looking for the next big thing, hunting for my next video fix, so I can show my buddies and they can either laugh at me or enjoy the glory along with me.

At any given time, I tend to have a particular type of fan video I am most in the mood for, and the current moment is no exception. Lately, even though I have never played FF7, my desired plat du jour is a little something I call "Sad Cloud Videos". I'm sure it is because I painted FF characters as gifts for my friends; while looking them up, I started to empathize with the characters, because I would empathize with an unremarkable gray rock if you gave it a name and a tragic backstory.

Without further ado, here are my top three Sad Cloud Videos. )
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Another selection of shorter stories from [ profile] pw_contest, which I enjoy participating in. I don't even generally care for contests (since I'm not really that competitive), but it's very chill and friendly, and I would recommend joining for those who have any interest. And the word count limits get me to write things that are actually brief. It's amazing!

Two of these stories are loving brother stories, and the other one is about friendship. How predictable.

Title: Not Cloudy All Day
Rating: PG
Characters: Jake, Neil
Warnings: Mild spoilers for Rise from the Ashes, references to death.
Word count: 993
Summary: Jake Marshall rides again.
Notes: Written for the prompt "prickly".

The ranch was called the Prickly Pear. )

Title: A Sensible Imagination
Characters: Miles Edgeworth, Manfred von Karma
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Word count: 299
Summary: Von Karma's rules are strict, but it is not Miles' intention to break them.
Notes: Set some time more than six months after the DL-6 incident, but not too much more. Written for the prompt "pretend".

The lecture droned on and on. )

Title: Every Thursday
Characters: Klavier, Kristoph
Rating: PG
Warnings: spoilers for AJ, especially cases 1 & 4
Word count: 994
Summary: There is one loyal brother in the Gavin family, and he has not yet given up the fight.
Notes: Set post-AJ, maybe as much as a year after the events in the last case? Written for the prompt "pet".

Thursday was not his favorite day of the week, but Klavier made the best of it. )
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After playing Ace Attorney Investigations, I became inordinately fond of Colias Palaeno, so I went looking for Colias prompts on the kink meme. Here are the two I've finished to date, finally posted here.

Title: Cohdopian Hospitality
Rating: 18+
Pairings/Characters: Colias/Edgeworth
Spoilers: mild, for the last case of AAI
Warnings: explicit sexual content
Word count: 3000
Summary Written for the prompt "Palaeno tops someone". Colias desires nothing more than to make Mr. Edgeworth happy.

Cohdopian Hospitality )

Title: Counterfeit
Rating: 18+
Pairings/Characters: Manny/Colias
Spoilers: for the end of AAI
Warnings: explicit sexual content.
Word count: 2,280
Summary: The prompt asked for Colias almost catching Manny up to no good, but Manny distracting him with a blowjob. And that's--basically what happens. But it's not all that happens, to Manny's dismay.

Counterfeit )
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Title: Family Colors
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Word count: 3,800
Pairings, Characters: Klavier, Apollo, Colias, Phoenix, Trucy
Rating: G
Warnings: There might be some very mild spoilers for either AAI or AJ, but I doubt it could be anything that would make a difference to someone.
Summary: Klavier's so good at being secretive, sometimes Apollo doesn't even realize he's doing it--until he finds out something new about the prosecutor. He'd never thought too hard about what the Gavins' parents might be like, but he's about to uncover the truth.
Notes: Written as a gift for [ profile] a_rocky_ravine, who wanted something involving either Diego or Colias. This story is actually based on a silly Fan Theoryâ„¢ of mine, which I know isn't true, but I think it's cute. You can read my explanation for the theory (and see a few doodles) in this post!

'You really rocked in court today, Herr Justice,' said Klavier, leaning back in his chair. )
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Title: In Loco Parentis (2/2) [Part one]
Pairings: Kristoph/Apollo, Phoenix/Apollo
Other characters: Edgeworth, Klavier (sort of), Trucy, Vongole
Rating: R
Word count: 11,900
Warnings: a bad mentor figure abuses his position, sexual situations (but no minors involved in them), hints of weird brother fixation.
Summary: At seventeen, having spent much of his life in foster care and group homes, Apollo has all but given up on finding a permanent family. Things are about to change.

At Mr. Gavin's house, Apollo never felt angry, not the way he had at his previous homes. )
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Title: In Loco Parentis (1/2) [Part two]
Pairings: Kristoph/Apollo, Phoenix/Apollo
Other characters: Edgeworth, Klavier (sort of), Trucy, Vongole
Rating: R
Word count: 11,900
Warnings: a bad mentor figure abuses his position, sexual situations (but no minors involved in them), hints of weird brother fixation.
Summary: At seventeen, having spent much of his life in foster care and group homes, Apollo has all but given up on finding a permanent family. Things are about to change.
Notes: Written for [ profile] gyaku_flash for [ profile] aphephobia. Of course, it's not my intention to demonize the foster care system (even though it has its problems, like any system). This is just about Kristoph, who is not typical in any way, of anything. :) And super special thanks to [ profile] pandir for helping me with the tiny bit of German in this. Ja, she's the best German language expert I know, nicht wahr? ;3

He'd been so excited about today, he wasn't sure how he'd managed to get so far behind schedule. )
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Title: Burden of Proof
Pairings, Characters: slight Daryan/Klavier, suggested Kristoph/Klavier, Sofia Crescend (OC)
Rating: R
Warnings: mild violence; strong language; strong references to child abuse, though nothing whatsoever graphic or detailed; also sort of spoilery by association for the first case of AJ.
Word count: 6,662
Summary: Being a detective is in Daryan's blood, but sometimes solving a mystery doesn't solve the problem, as he discovers when he learns Klavier's secret.
Notes: Set years before AJ, also before Klavier has gone away to law school. I decided to write Daryan as part of an Italian-American family largely because "Crescendo" has an Italian origin.

He'd always wanted to be a detective, like his dad. )
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Title: Guten Morgen
Fandom: Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney
Word count: 1,432
Characters: Klavier, Ema, Apollo
Rating: 13+
Warnings: Mentions of murder & violence, nothing explicit
Summary: Ema doesn't like Klavier. She has a very good reason.
Notes: Written for the Awesome Bingo I'm doing with [ profile] plutokitty, for the prompt "adrenaline rush". Even though I love Klavier in canon, and I think he's portrayed as very much a nice guy, I also like the idea of the possibility that he is, in fact, more like his brother than he seems--he's just better at hiding it. Which makes Ema's reaction to him very different from the "girl is annoyed by boy she really secretly likes" thing that it's often portrayed as. (Not that I have any problem with Klavier/Ema, I just like the idea that she could be right to dislike him.) Also, I read something related to this on the kink meme once, so even though I can't entirely recall it and have no links, I should say that this was a bit inspired by that. (Ha ha, and you can also read this story as Ema being totally paranoid, which I also think is funny.)

No one else thought twice about it, but Ema couldn't seem to forget. )
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Title: Working Relationship
Pairings: Diego/Mia
Other characters: Grossberg, Hammond
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Word count: 1,707
Summary: Mia has a strict policy of not dating people she works with. Can Diego Armando make her change her mind?
Notes: Written for [ profile] yamikinoko as part of [ profile] gyaku_flash. I only had one day to complete this story as a pinch-hitter, so apologies for any roughness or errors!

'Hello there, Ms. Fey.' )
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Title: Court of Appeals
Pairing: Kristoph/Dahlia
Other characters: Klavier, Phoenix, Mia, Diego, Iris, Bikini
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 6,370
Warnings: Spoilers for various cases in games 1-3, mentions of past murders.
Summary: Young defense attorney Kristoph Gavin is eager to prove himself, and does a fair amount of high profile pro bono work. That's why he decides to work on an appeal for the infamous Dahlia Hawthorne.
Notes: Written for [ profile] gyaku_flash, for [ profile] arthoniel. Set approximately 1-2 years after Turnabout Memories and 3-4 years before Bridge to the Turnabout, at an unspecified point during Dahlia's incarceration. Kristoph is about 22-23 years old, so Klavier is 14-15 years old. Also includes bonus sketches!

'Good morning, Klavier.' )
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Just some collected stories written for [ profile] pw_contest, which is pretty fun! I confess, I'm a prompt addict.

Rating: G
Pairings/Characters: Diego/Mia
Spoilers: For the end of T&T.
Warnings: None
Word count: 299
Summary: Maybe the Feys aren't the only ones who can talk to spirits.

It's the same dream again. )

Title: A Ghost Story
Rating: PG (mentions of death)
Pairings/Characters: Colias, Maya
Warnings: spoilers for AAI, final case (victim details, witness identity, setting)
Word count: 1000
Summary: When Ambassador Palaeno is faced with a supernatural mystery, he remembers hearing about a certain spirit medium.

Sometimes, while sitting at his desk, he'd feel the back of his neck prickle... )

Title: Caged Bird
Rating: G
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Vera, Trucy
Warnings: Rather mild spoilers for the end of AJ.
Word count: 300
Summary: Magicians need a little help sometimes--but so do their assistants.

'Will you be my lovely assistant?' )
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Title: Reckless Endangerment
Rating: PG
Pairing(s), Character(s): Apollo/Klavier, Phoenix Wright
Warnings: None
Word count: 6,000
Summary: Klavier writes songs about seizing the day and throwing caution to the wind. Songs that Apollo hates. However, it's possible that certain amateur music critics know at least as much about recklessness as musicians.
Notes: Written for [ profile] pw_contest, for the prompt "He who hesitates is a damned fool". I wasn't sure what to do with this prompt until I imagined it as a line in a Gavinners song. Klavier quoting Mae West seemed right somehow.

It was driving him crazy. )
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Title: From Start to Finish
Rating: 16+
Character(s): Kristoph, Klavier, Phoenix
Pairing(s): none
Spoiler(s): For AJ: the overarching plot of the game, particularly the first and last cases.
Warnings: This story deals with violence toward animals, parricide, and other murders--but there are minimal graphic details, no more than in the games. Mentions of blood and poison. Emotional sibling abuse.
Word count: 3160
Summary: The murderous history of Mr. Kristoph Gavin, who really only wanted to make the world a better and more orderly place.
Notes: Written for [ profile] pw_contest, for the prompt "start". Thanks to [ profile] plutokitty for the helpful beta. Everything that's still wrong is my own fault.

From Start to Finish. )
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Title: Empty Nest
Fandom: Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney
Word count: 1145
Characters: Kristoph, Klavier
Rating: 13+
Warnings: Kristoph being creepy, slight hints of possible abuse, (non graphic) violence towards an animal.
Summary: Kristoph is used to taking care of his brother, so after Klavier leaves the house, he feels unusually restless.
Notes: Written for the "awesome bingo" devised by me and [ profile] plutokitty, for the prompt "heartbreak". So of course, I decided to write it about someone who can't feel heartbreak.

Empty Nest )
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Title: Sucker
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Wordcount: 1,676
Pairing: Gumshoe/Edgeworth
Warnings: mild innuendo
Rating: PG
Spoilers: none
Notes: Set at some vague time after the second KG-8 Incident, but before Phoenix becomes an attorney. Written for my Awesome Bingo invented in cahoots with [ profile] plutokitty, for the prompt "lollipop".

Sucker. )
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Okay, so I was joking all week long with [ profile] armistice_day about Legend of the Galactic Heroes, an anime (based on novels) that I have only watched one episode of, and since it is her birthday, basically this had to happen. (Also, since I have only watched one episode out of 110, I can't exactly say how accurate this is. I can, however, say that it is rather ridiculous.)

Title: Rot
Fandom: Legend of the Galactic Heroes
Wordcount: 530
Pairing: Reinhard/Kircheis
Rating: PG
Warnings: References to death?
Spoilers: I should say none, because I have only watched one episode of the show and I instantly knew what was going to happen. Technically, however, there is a pretty big spoiler.
Summary: Reinhard has strong feelings about landscaping.
Notes: "Rot" means "Red" in German, and the German/English double meaning is intentional (and not very subtle). This was written as a bit of a joke for [ profile] armistice_day.

Rot )
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Title: Ace Attorney: Wedding Investigations
Word count: 8400
Pairing: Phoenix/Edgeworth, with slight Franziska/Adrian and Gumshoe/Maggey
Genre(s): Romance, comedy, family.
Warnings: None.
Rating: All ages.
Spoilers: for characters/situations for all games, but nothing major.
Summary: Miles knows he can be exacting, but he simply wants his wedding to go smoothly. However, he would be willing to overlook a few problems, if only he could discover where his groom has disappeared to.
Notes: Set after AJ. Written as a gift for [ profile] plutokitty, who requested Miles & Phoenix fluff.

Ace Attorney: Wedding Investigations )
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Sorry to spam with these bingo stories--I don't know why it turned into Diego Bingo, but maybe I'll write something different soon.

Title: Assets
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Word count: 820
Pairing(s): Diego/Mia
Spoilers: there aren't any, I don't think?
Rating: All audiences.
Warnings: A bit of sauciness and innuendo, which doesn't really count, but I thought I'd mention it.
Summary: There are some wonderful things to see at the office, if you know where to look.
Notes: Set pre-games. For the prompt "cute bum".

Assets. )
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Title: Learning to See
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Word count: 3,838
Pairing(s): Diego/Mia
Other characters: Pearl, Maya
Spoilers: for the end of T&T
Rating: All audiences
Warnings: None.
Summary: After his time in prison, Diego has come to Kurain Village to recover. He has also come home.
Notes: Set after T&T and before AJ. Written for the Awesome Bingo (tm) made up by [ profile] plutokitty and me to cheer ourselves up. For the prompt "secret marriage".

Learning to See )
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Title: A Light Step
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Word count: 647
Pairing(s): tiny hint of Diego/Mia
Spoilers: for the end of T&T
Rating: All audiences
Summary: All things come to an end. And another beginning.
Notes: Written for the Awesome Bingo (tm) made up by [ profile] plutokitty and me for the two of us to participate in. For the prompt "a heavy burden and a light step".

A Light Step. )


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