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Title: Working Relationship
Pairings: Diego/Mia
Other characters: Grossberg, Hammond
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Word count: 1,707
Summary: Mia has a strict policy of not dating people she works with. Can Diego Armando make her change her mind?
Notes: Written for [ profile] yamikinoko as part of [ profile] gyaku_flash. I only had one day to complete this story as a pinch-hitter, so apologies for any roughness or errors!

'Hello there, Ms. Fey.' )
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Title: Court of Appeals
Pairing: Kristoph/Dahlia
Other characters: Klavier, Phoenix, Mia, Diego, Iris, Bikini
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 6,370
Warnings: Spoilers for various cases in games 1-3, mentions of past murders.
Summary: Young defense attorney Kristoph Gavin is eager to prove himself, and does a fair amount of high profile pro bono work. That's why he decides to work on an appeal for the infamous Dahlia Hawthorne.
Notes: Written for [ profile] gyaku_flash, for [ profile] arthoniel. Set approximately 1-2 years after Turnabout Memories and 3-4 years before Bridge to the Turnabout, at an unspecified point during Dahlia's incarceration. Kristoph is about 22-23 years old, so Klavier is 14-15 years old. Also includes bonus sketches!

'Good morning, Klavier.' )
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Just some collected stories written for [ profile] pw_contest, which is pretty fun! I confess, I'm a prompt addict.

Rating: G
Pairings/Characters: Diego/Mia
Spoilers: For the end of T&T.
Warnings: None
Word count: 299
Summary: Maybe the Feys aren't the only ones who can talk to spirits.

It's the same dream again. )

Title: A Ghost Story
Rating: PG (mentions of death)
Pairings/Characters: Colias, Maya
Warnings: spoilers for AAI, final case (victim details, witness identity, setting)
Word count: 1000
Summary: When Ambassador Palaeno is faced with a supernatural mystery, he remembers hearing about a certain spirit medium.

Sometimes, while sitting at his desk, he'd feel the back of his neck prickle... )

Title: Caged Bird
Rating: G
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Vera, Trucy
Warnings: Rather mild spoilers for the end of AJ.
Word count: 300
Summary: Magicians need a little help sometimes--but so do their assistants.

'Will you be my lovely assistant?' )
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Title: Reckless Endangerment
Rating: PG
Pairing(s), Character(s): Apollo/Klavier, Phoenix Wright
Warnings: None
Word count: 6,000
Summary: Klavier writes songs about seizing the day and throwing caution to the wind. Songs that Apollo hates. However, it's possible that certain amateur music critics know at least as much about recklessness as musicians.
Notes: Written for [ profile] pw_contest, for the prompt "He who hesitates is a damned fool". I wasn't sure what to do with this prompt until I imagined it as a line in a Gavinners song. Klavier quoting Mae West seemed right somehow.

It was driving him crazy. )
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Title: From Start to Finish
Rating: 16+
Character(s): Kristoph, Klavier, Phoenix
Pairing(s): none
Spoiler(s): For AJ: the overarching plot of the game, particularly the first and last cases.
Warnings: This story deals with violence toward animals, parricide, and other murders--but there are minimal graphic details, no more than in the games. Mentions of blood and poison. Emotional sibling abuse.
Word count: 3160
Summary: The murderous history of Mr. Kristoph Gavin, who really only wanted to make the world a better and more orderly place.
Notes: Written for [ profile] pw_contest, for the prompt "start". Thanks to [ profile] plutokitty for the helpful beta. Everything that's still wrong is my own fault.

From Start to Finish. )
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Title: Empty Nest
Fandom: Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney
Word count: 1145
Characters: Kristoph, Klavier
Rating: 13+
Warnings: Kristoph being creepy, slight hints of possible abuse, (non graphic) violence towards an animal.
Summary: Kristoph is used to taking care of his brother, so after Klavier leaves the house, he feels unusually restless.
Notes: Written for the "awesome bingo" devised by me and [ profile] plutokitty, for the prompt "heartbreak". So of course, I decided to write it about someone who can't feel heartbreak.

Empty Nest )
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Title: Sucker
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Wordcount: 1,676
Pairing: Gumshoe/Edgeworth
Warnings: mild innuendo
Rating: PG
Spoilers: none
Notes: Set at some vague time after the second KG-8 Incident, but before Phoenix becomes an attorney. Written for my Awesome Bingo invented in cahoots with [ profile] plutokitty, for the prompt "lollipop".

Sucker. )
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Title: Ace Attorney: Wedding Investigations
Word count: 8400
Pairing: Phoenix/Edgeworth, with slight Franziska/Adrian and Gumshoe/Maggey
Genre(s): Romance, comedy, family.
Warnings: None.
Rating: All ages.
Spoilers: for characters/situations for all games, but nothing major.
Summary: Miles knows he can be exacting, but he simply wants his wedding to go smoothly. However, he would be willing to overlook a few problems, if only he could discover where his groom has disappeared to.
Notes: Set after AJ. Written as a gift for [ profile] plutokitty, who requested Miles & Phoenix fluff.

Ace Attorney: Wedding Investigations )
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Sorry to spam with these bingo stories--I don't know why it turned into Diego Bingo, but maybe I'll write something different soon.

Title: Assets
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Word count: 820
Pairing(s): Diego/Mia
Spoilers: there aren't any, I don't think?
Rating: All audiences.
Warnings: A bit of sauciness and innuendo, which doesn't really count, but I thought I'd mention it.
Summary: There are some wonderful things to see at the office, if you know where to look.
Notes: Set pre-games. For the prompt "cute bum".

Assets. )
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Title: Learning to See
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Word count: 3,838
Pairing(s): Diego/Mia
Other characters: Pearl, Maya
Spoilers: for the end of T&T
Rating: All audiences
Warnings: None.
Summary: After his time in prison, Diego has come to Kurain Village to recover. He has also come home.
Notes: Set after T&T and before AJ. Written for the Awesome Bingo (tm) made up by [ profile] plutokitty and me to cheer ourselves up. For the prompt "secret marriage".

Learning to See )
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Title: A Light Step
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Word count: 647
Pairing(s): tiny hint of Diego/Mia
Spoilers: for the end of T&T
Rating: All audiences
Summary: All things come to an end. And another beginning.
Notes: Written for the Awesome Bingo (tm) made up by [ profile] plutokitty and me for the two of us to participate in. For the prompt "a heavy burden and a light step".

A Light Step. )
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Title: Waking from Dreams
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Word count: 2,500
Pairing(s): (hints of) Diego/Phoenix
Rating: All audiences.
Spoilers: For the end of Trials & Tribulations and some elements of AJ.
Warnings: None to speak of.
Summary: When you work nights a lot, it's good to have a reliable babysitter, and Phoenix's babysitter is an excellent one, if a bit enigmatic.
Notes: Set a few years after T&T, but before AJ.

Waking from Dreams )
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I'm still working on request stories from that suggestions post, so if you asked for something, don't give up on me yet! I liked everything that everyone asked for. As usual, I'm slow, yet I also write more than is necessary, which makes me extra slow.

This story was written for one of [ profile] armistice_day's prompts. However, it was spurred on by [ profile] redvelvetaddict and me needing some serious cheering up last night. [ profile] redvelvetaddict asked for some Kaibas, and I thought I could feed two birds with one seed, so to speak. (I just decided I don't like the version of the saying that involves killing birds.)

This story is a little bit inspired by what made us sad.

Title: Ghosts
Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh DM
Word count: 3,240
Pairing(s): none
Rating: All audiences
Characters: Mokuba, Seto, Noa
Spoilers: For the part of the Battle City arc that involves Noa.
Warnings: Mentions of death? A little light sadness?
Summary: Mokuba thinks there's a ghost in his room. Seto thinks Mokuba's imagining things. Maybe they're both wrong.
Notes: Could be viewed as a slight AU, I guess? No wait, anything is possible in YGO, so it's fine.

Ghosts. )
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Title: Olive Juice
Fandom: Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice
Word count: 7,700
Pairing(s): Phoenix/Apollo, slight hints of one-sided Klavier/Ema
Rating: 14+
Genre(s): comedy/romance
Spoilers: None really, other than for characters who appear in AJ
Warnings: mild language, very mild sexual situations
Summary: Apollo and Phoenix share a great love for justice and for juice--but is that all they share? Apollo starts to realize that his feelings for Phoenix aren't exactly platonic, but to Phoenix Wright, everything's a joke. Isn't it?
Notes: I think the reference to olive juice is pretty well known, but just in case (I shouldn't assume), "olive juice" is a term known for how it moves the mouth in a way very similar to "I love you," if you look at someone lips while they're saying it. So it's a very dorky pun on Phoenix's part.

Olive Juice. )
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Yesterday, [ profile] redvelvetaddict started writing me a little story on AIM about Bob (from my novel I, Private Eye) reading the other novel set in that universe, A Perfect Accountant. I thought it would be funny to quickly finish it up today, but you probably have to know both stories to get the (very very silly) joke.

I thought I'd post it here, since this is the place for silly things!

Title: Storytime
Word count: 773

Storytime. )
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Title: Turnabout Detective (part two)
Fandom: Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice
Word count: 2,870
Pairing(s): Daryan/Klavier
Location(s): Prison Hallway, Prison Infirmary
Rating: 16+
Genre(s): Mystery, romance
Spoilers: a bit for all AJ, basically, but especially cases 3 & 4
Warnings: poison!
Summary: Klavier continues to investigate his brother's attempted murder of fellow prisoner Daryan Crescend--as well as his own feelings about his ex-boyfriendbandmate.

Part one is here.

Turnabout Detective (part two). )
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Finally, it's my [ profile] help_haiti story for [ profile] pandir!

Title: Insight
Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh
Word count: 6,600
Pairing(s): Pegasus/Seto
Rating: 15+
Spoilers: None, really? This is set pre-series.
Warnings: blood; and suggestions of violence, sexual situations, and child abuse (nothing graphic).
Summary: Seto Kaiba has come to see Pegasus, to propose a working relationship between Industrial Illusions and Kaiba Corp. Pegasus is indeed interested in Kaiba's new technology, but more interested in Kaiba himself.
Notes: After some deliberation, I decided to refer to Pegasus as if his only name is "Pegasus", kind of like Cher or Sting, because I didn't want to deal with calling him Maximillion or Mr. Crawford or whatever--he'll always just be Pegasus to me!

Insight. )

Also, some bonus pencil illustrations. Warning: a little bit of blood.

4 images behind the cut. )
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Title: Smokers
Fandom: Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice
Word count: 2672
Pairing(s): Daryan/Klavier
Rating: 15+
Spoilers: for AJ case 3, I guess.
Warnings: smoking, bad language, suggestions of adult situations.
Summary: Daryan's a smoker. Klavier isn't. Well, sometimes he is. Sort of.
Notes: written by request for [ profile] smudwasadraigon.

Smokers. )
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Title: Good Advice
Fandom: Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice
Pairing(s): Apollo/Klavier, Phoenix/Edgeworth
Word count: 9,393
Rating: general audiences
Genre(s): Romantic comedy
Summary: Romance-impaired Apollo is ready to give up on dating altogether, but Mr. Wright has a better idea: why not get advice from an expert?
Notes: Written by request for my dear [ profile] redvelvetaddict.

Good Advice )
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A meme request, written for [ profile] boredgods, set in the AU of her Jet/Zuko comic.

Title: Remember
Series: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Word Count: 1000
Pairing: Jet/Zuko
Rating: 18+
Notes: After the war. Zuko is Firelord, but he has not forgotten what his life was like before.

Remember. )


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