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2030-07-03 01:47 pm
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Fan Fiction Archive

Series listed in alphabetical order, individual stories in no particular order.

Most adult material is friends-locked. If you'd like to read the locked stories, just friend the journal/leave a comment. Also, I sometimes forget to check this journal, so if you don't hear back from me, I probably just missed your message by accident. I try to get back to everyone.

Thanks for reading!

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2012-08-01 05:23 pm

story: fate/zero, "father & son"

Title: Father & Son
Characters: Kirei, Risei
Word count: 1,320
Rating: PG
Warnings: Some metaphorical blood imagery? Ha ha, nothing much.
Summary: Risei Kotomine is proud of his son. Mistakenly.
Notes: Set at the beginning of F/Z; no spoilers. Also, I am not responsible for F/Z's version of the Roman Catholic Church.

Turin was a city that boasted of many wonders, artistic and architectural, and another man might have taken the time to visit its piazzas and palazzos before leaving. )
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2012-02-11 01:52 am

Story: Ace Attorney, "Moment to Moment (Part IV)" [Apollo/Klavier]

It's the fourth and final part at last (sorry it took so long, I am officially the slowest ever). I hope it turned out okay!

Title: Moment to Moment, Part 4 (of 4)
Characters/Pairings: Apollo/Klavier (overall), Kristoph, Phoenix, Trucy
Word count:
Rating: PG13
Warnings: References to murder, death; some blood and violence; spoilers for Apollo Justice.
Summary: The captive Kristoph Gavin made his escape--then vanished. Months have passed. His disappearance has had quite an effect on the people he knows, but what will happen when he returns?
Notes: Set in the year following Turnabout Succession.

It all happened in a moment. )
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2012-01-11 12:18 am

Story: Ace Attorney, "Moment to Moment (Part III)" [Apollo/Klavier]

Part one: here
Part two: here

And there's one more part to go, because this ended up getting longer than I expected!

Title: Moment to Moment, Part 3 (of 4)
Characters/Pairings: Apollo/Klavier (overall), Kristoph, Trucy
Word count: 4,370
Rating: PG13
Warnings: References to murder, death; spoilers for Apollo Justice.
Summary: The captive Kristoph Gavin made his escape--then vanished. Months have passed. His disappearance has had quite an effect on the people he knows, but what will happen when he returns?
Notes: Set in the year following Turnabout Succession.

Apollo felt lightheaded. )
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2011-12-13 09:15 pm
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And now, for a meme!

This looked like fun, so I will try it:

Tell me about a story I haven't written, and I'll give you between one and three sentences from that story.

Indulge me, if you will. ♥
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2011-12-13 09:02 pm

Story: Tiger & Bunny, "Leaving Early" [Yuri]

Another of my tiny pieces about Yuri being sad: fun for all!

Title: Leaving Early
Characters: Yuri Petrov
Word count: 720
Rating: PG13
Warnings: References to death.
Summary: The moments between work and home don't always pass quickly.

He's had a long and tiring morning at court. )
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2011-12-05 01:44 am

Story: Ace Attorney, "Moment to Moment (Part II)" [Apollo/Klavier]

Finally, it's part two!

Argh, sorry for my slowness with this; I've been having health problems.

Title: Moment to Moment, Part 2 (of 3) [part one is here]
Characters/Pairings: Apollo/Klavier
Word count: 3266
Rating: PG13
Warnings: References to murder, death; spoilers for Apollo Justice.
Summary: The captive Kristoph Gavin made his escape--then vanished. Months have passed. His disappearance has had quite an effect on the people he knows, but what will happen when he returns?
Notes: Set in the year following Turnabout Succession.

It had been Phoenix who'd told him what had happened, back at the beginning of the year. )
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2011-11-02 02:57 am

Story: Tiger & Bunny, "A Fairy Tale" [Yuri]

Just something little I wrote up! Wow, I'm actually posting something here. I will have more done soon!

Title: A Fairy Tale
Characters: Yuri Petrov, Mr. Legend, Olga Petrov
Word count: 800
Rating: PG13
Warnings: References to domestic abuse, child abuse.
Summary: Stories don't always end the way you'd like them to.

It's quiet in the basement, and when he closes his eyes, at first, there's not a sound. )
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2011-09-27 12:22 am
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Doing a meme!

Argh, I haven't been around much, so I thought I would do a fannish meme, taken from [ profile] karnimolly. My answers are generally the first things I managed to get to enter my head, because I'm tired today, and thinking is hard.

I'll have some other stuff to post here soon, too. I'm finishing up the next part of my Apollo story. I might also write... about something else. *shifty eyes*

Now, for the meme!
Ships and stuff )
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2011-08-01 12:18 pm

Story: Ace Attorney, "Moment to Moment (Part I)" [Apollo/Klavier]

Part one of a story for [ profile] karnimolly! As it got longer and complicated than expected, I decided to start posting it in parts so that she wouldn't have to wait longer. The next part won't take nearly so long; sorry for the delay!

Title: Moment to Moment (Part I)
Characters/Pairings: Apollo/Klavier (others to come in later parts)
Word count: 3900
Rating: PG13
Warnings: References to murder, death; spoilers for Apollo Justice.
Summary: The captive Kristoph Gavin made his escape--then vanished. Months have passed. His disappearance has had quite an effect on the people he knows, but what will happen when he returns?
Notes: Set in the year following Turnabout Succession.

It was four thirty at the courthouse when Apollo realized his bike had been stolen. )
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2011-07-03 07:09 pm

Story: Ace Attorney, "Every Breath" [Mia, Diego, Phoenix]

I haven't posted here in a while, for various reasons, but here, at last, is another Ace Attorney story. I am also working on a second AA story, which will be finished soon, I hope.

Title: Every Breath
Characters/Pairings: Mia, Diego, Phoenix; not really a pairing story, but there are mentions of Mia/Diego
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers for T&T, mentions of death
Word count: 4850
Summary: Mia has one last task to carry out, and Phoenix needs to learn how to listen.
Notes: Written for [ profile] luckykitty, the winner of my charity auction. Spans all the events of the first three games. The last part is set after Bridge to the Turnabout and shortly before the Zak Gramarye case.

Dying was never easy, not even for those who understood it best. )
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2011-02-16 11:12 pm

Story: FFVII, "Past & Present" [Sephiroth/Reeve]

Title: Past & Present
Universe: Final Fantasy VII
Characters, pairings: mainly Sephiroth/Reeve, but also features Cid/Vincent, Rude/Reno; hints of Rufus/Tseng and Zack/Sephiroth; Elena; Cloud
Rating: PG
Warnings: none, other than spoilers for FFVII as a whole.
Word count: 9,957
Summary: Sephiroth has returned the the world, but he is not the man he was.
Notes: This is the first FF7 story I have ever written, and it may well be the last, but I had to pay tribute to Reeve/Sephiroth (or Reeviroth, as it is referred to by those "in the know", aka doofuses). Written for [ profile] armistice_day as a cheer-up/holiday gift, so of course I had to put our most favorite pairings in it. Set not too long after Advent Children. AU. It is a bit open-ended, but I thought my recipient might like it as it is.

When he became aware of the abnormality, Vincent's first thought was that it felt like loneliness. )
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2011-01-31 11:48 pm

Story: Ace Attorney, "Sleepers Wake" [Diego/Phoenix]

Title: Sleepers Wake
Pairings, Characters: Phoenix/Diego, Maya, Pearl, Trucy, references to Mia/Diego
Rating: PG
Warnings: spoilers for T&T [summary and notes contain spoilers too!]
Word count: 9,148
Summary: When taking Trucy to Kurain Village for their annual summer vacation, Phoenix is wary. Diego was released from prison earlier in the year and has been living in the valley with Maya and Pearls. Phoenix doesn't know what to expect, and the man he finds in that small mountain town is not the man he remembers from the courtroom. But then, Phoenix is a different person, too.
Notes: Written for [ profile] gyaku_flash for [ profile] euphonious_glow. (I really hope you like it!) Set before the events of AJ (by maybe a year or two). Assumes (as I so often do) that Diego was convicted of manslaughter and not murder. Thanks to [ profile] plutokitty for reading this through for me. All remaining mistakes are mine alone.

The sound of the train and the sound of the rain lulled Phoenix into a hazy trance that wasn't quite sleep. )
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2011-01-14 10:06 pm

Story: Ace Attorney, "Empiricism"

Title: Empiricism
Pairings, Characters: Miles Edgeworth, Gregory Edgeworth
Rating: PG
Warnings: spoiler for the end of the first game, references to death and the DL-6 incident.
Word count: 300
Summary: Miles Edgeworth is not afraid of ghosts.
Notes: Written for [ profile] pw_contest, for the prompt "ghost(s)".

He doesn't believe in ghosts, unlike certain superstitious individuals he could name. )
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2011-01-12 01:08 am
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Charity Fan Auction

I signed up for a charity fan writing auction to help benefit victims of the floods in Queensland (thanks to [ profile] aphephobia for the heads up). I will write 100 words for each $1AU donated. I reserve the right to write extra as well, but I don't think anyone would complain about that.

If there's something you'd like me to write for you, I will give anything a try! And I mean anything. Ha ha, maybe I shouldn't have said that, but I did.

If you wish to bid on my wares, my thread is here.

Also, if you know me and think I would be willing to write something not listed there, feel free to talk to me about it, because you're probably right. I didn't want to make a long list, but I'm flexible.

Even if you don't wish to bid on a story from me, please consider donating to help. ♥
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2011-01-08 05:56 pm

Story: Ace Attorney, "Physicality" [Gumshoe/Edgeworth]

I realized that this was the only (finished) story I've written for the kink meme that I haven't posted here, so I thought I would put it up, just to have everything in one place. I wrote this one a while ago.

Ha ha, I always become briefly smitten with the kink meme, then ban myself from going there (for some unimportant reason, which I quickly forget), then return a couple months later. Ah, my internet caprices!

Title: Physicality
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Word count: 2750
Pairings, Characters: Gumshoe/Edgeworth, Missile, Pess.
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: Miles has long been reluctant to enter into a relationship. Now that he finds himself unexpectedly in the middle of one, he finds it all too easy to remember why he didn't want one in the first place. But it could be that he's mistaken (just this once).
Notes: The request was for asexual Edgeworth in a relationship, explaining himself to his partner but afraid of ruining the relationship. Of the possible suggested partners, Gumshoe struck me as the most hilarious person to put in that particular situation. The OP liked it, so I was super happy about that. Also, I apparently love putting dogs in Ace Attorney stories. Puppies and hugs, that's what it's all about!

It had been a bad idea from the start. Miles had known that. )
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2011-01-03 12:13 am

Story: Ace Attorney, "The Same Page" [Lang/Edgeworth]

Title: The Same Page
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Word count: 7,630
Pairings, Characters: Lang/Edgeworth, Pess, Franziska (with references to Franziska/Adrian).
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Summary: Lang's functional illiteracy is a secret he has kept for years. However, there are many forms of language in the world, and Edgeworth's own personal literacy problem might be even more serious.
Notes: Written as a gift for [ profile] smudwasadraigon, who requested "Edgeworth teaching Lang how to read". I finally finished! Sorry it took me so long! Now it's a birthday-Christmas-New Year gift. This is set at some point after AAI.

Miles frowned at his computer screen as he glanced over his inbox. )
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2010-12-31 02:31 pm

Story: Ace Attorney, "What Magic Is" [Vera]

Title: What Magic Is
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Word count: 4,700
Characters: Vera, Trucy, Apollo, Klavier, Kristoph, Phoenix
Rating: PG
Warnings: Major spoilers for the final case of AJ
Summary: After her trial, Vera is forced to enter the world at last. In spite of her fears, she finds that life is full of magic.
Notes: Written for [ profile] gyaku_flash, for [ profile] yamikinoko. ♥

Vera used to imagine that she could fly. )

And, as a bonus, an illustration I made to go with it, for fun.
+1 image )
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2010-12-30 12:45 pm

Story: Ace Attorney, "Eighteen and Up" [Klavier/Apollo; Phoenix/Apollo]

I guess I'll post this here, now that I can!

Title: Eighteen and Up
Pairings, Characters: Klavier/Apollo, Phoenix/Apollo, Gumshoe
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Word count: 4,900
Summary: Apollo has a problem, and it's written all over his face. In fact, it is his face. Which, in his opinion, makes him look far too young.
Notes: Written for [ profile] pw_contest, for the prompt "minor character". My interpretation of the theme is admittedly a pun, but aren't puns what Ace Attorney is all about?

'Don't take it so seriously, Apollo,' said Phoenix. )
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2010-12-23 12:28 am

Story: Ace Attorney, "A Game of Cards" [Phoenix/Klavier]

Title: A Game of Cards
Word count: 2,700
Pairings, Characters: Phoenix/Klavier, hints of Phoenix/Kristoph
Rating: G
Warnings: this story contains a musical number of sorts, as well as mystifying references to the film Casablanca.
Summary: Of all the borscht joints, in all the towns, in all the world, Klavier had to walk into Phoenix's.
Notes: Set following the events of AJ. Written for the lovely [ profile] sam_cc as a Kristophmas gift! ♥ I had to combine lawyers and card games for her somehow.

He had another long night ahead of him, at the end of which he'd hopefully end up with another few dollars. )