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Title: What Magic Is
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Word count: 4,700
Characters: Vera, Trucy, Apollo, Klavier, Kristoph, Phoenix
Rating: PG
Warnings: Major spoilers for the final case of AJ
Summary: After her trial, Vera is forced to enter the world at last. In spite of her fears, she finds that life is full of magic.
Notes: Written for [ profile] gyaku_flash, for [ profile] yamikinoko. ♥

Vera used to imagine that she could fly. )

And, as a bonus, an illustration I made to go with it, for fun.
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Title: Court of Appeals
Pairing: Kristoph/Dahlia
Other characters: Klavier, Phoenix, Mia, Diego, Iris, Bikini
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 6,370
Warnings: Spoilers for various cases in games 1-3, mentions of past murders.
Summary: Young defense attorney Kristoph Gavin is eager to prove himself, and does a fair amount of high profile pro bono work. That's why he decides to work on an appeal for the infamous Dahlia Hawthorne.
Notes: Written for [ profile] gyaku_flash, for [ profile] arthoniel. Set approximately 1-2 years after Turnabout Memories and 3-4 years before Bridge to the Turnabout, at an unspecified point during Dahlia's incarceration. Kristoph is about 22-23 years old, so Klavier is 14-15 years old. Also includes bonus sketches!

'Good morning, Klavier.' )
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Since it's Jee/Zuko week on LJ, I thought I'd post a couple pictures of the two I did as commissions a while ago, which I don't think I ever posted here on LJ.


Maybe not entirely worksafe, because of some shirtless cuddling.

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Finally, it's my [ profile] help_haiti story for [ profile] pandir!

Title: Insight
Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh
Word count: 6,600
Pairing(s): Pegasus/Seto
Rating: 15+
Spoilers: None, really? This is set pre-series.
Warnings: blood; and suggestions of violence, sexual situations, and child abuse (nothing graphic).
Summary: Seto Kaiba has come to see Pegasus, to propose a working relationship between Industrial Illusions and Kaiba Corp. Pegasus is indeed interested in Kaiba's new technology, but more interested in Kaiba himself.
Notes: After some deliberation, I decided to refer to Pegasus as if his only name is "Pegasus", kind of like Cher or Sting, because I didn't want to deal with calling him Maximillion or Mr. Crawford or whatever--he'll always just be Pegasus to me!

Insight. )

Also, some bonus pencil illustrations. Warning: a little bit of blood.

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Since it's Jeongdao Week, I thought I'd doodle up a little something.

Rating: G (for gazing)
Characters/pairing: Piandao/Jeong Jeong

Click for the pic! )

Crossposted to DeviantArt.
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Ha ha, since I recklessly declared this week Rozin Week, I thought I would cross-post my Roku/Sozin efforts so far here in my silliness journal!

I am writing a couple stories for the week as well, which I'll be posting here.

Comic: Contrasting.

Comic: Grumpy Chips.

Yes, maybe I empathize with Sozin a little too much, but really, where's the harm? I am not the leader of a powerful nation, and I can't bend fire.


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Last night, I was innocently working on something, and suddenly a switch seemed to go off in my head. Chan and Ruon-Jian are awesome! I told myself emphatically, and then I instantly put everything else aside and started to doodle them in my sketchbook like a crazy person.

Ha ha, I'd forgotten how fun it is to draw in pen. Way better than stupid pencil. I used to sketch in pen all the time, but lately I've been sketching in pencil. What was I thinking?!

Chan & Ruon-Jian. )

Edit: They are in loooooooove.
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Ha ha, it has been a while since I wrote a Jet/Zuko story, and since I was sick last week, I thought I would indulge myself shamefully. I must warn you, though, this story is all about cute old men! Which, of course, is actually more of a delightful treat than something people need to be warned about.

Ha ha, special thanks to [ profile] armistice_day for participating in the silly conversation that spawned this idea.

And [ profile] ali_wildgoose was nice enough to draw a little illustration for the fic, so I'll post it here. (She also suggested that I add more kissing, and I did my best!)

Cute old men! )

Title: The One Exception
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender (AU)
Pairing: Jet/Zuko
Wordcount: 4,100
Spoilers: N/A
Rating: All Ages
Notes: In this alternate universe, Jet never saw Iroh Firebend his tea, so he didn't fight Zuko in the teashop, was not captured by the Dai Li, and did not die. Katara never saw Zuko at the Jasmine Dragon, so Azula didn't realize he was there, and Zuko never joined Azula. Instead, when Ba Sing Se was invaded, Zuko joined forces with Jet. And now--it's fifty years later.

It was an ideal summer afternoon, warm and drowsy, the leaves a deep green and the golden sunlight filtering through them, dappling the forest floor. )


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