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Finally, it's part two!

Argh, sorry for my slowness with this; I've been having health problems.

Title: Moment to Moment, Part 2 (of 3) [part one is here]
Characters/Pairings: Apollo/Klavier
Word count: 3266
Rating: PG13
Warnings: References to murder, death; spoilers for Apollo Justice.
Summary: The captive Kristoph Gavin made his escape--then vanished. Months have passed. His disappearance has had quite an effect on the people he knows, but what will happen when he returns?
Notes: Set in the year following Turnabout Succession.

It had been Phoenix who'd told him what had happened, back at the beginning of the year. )
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Title: Family Colors
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Word count: 3,800
Pairings, Characters: Klavier, Apollo, Colias, Phoenix, Trucy
Rating: G
Warnings: There might be some very mild spoilers for either AAI or AJ, but I doubt it could be anything that would make a difference to someone.
Summary: Klavier's so good at being secretive, sometimes Apollo doesn't even realize he's doing it--until he finds out something new about the prosecutor. He'd never thought too hard about what the Gavins' parents might be like, but he's about to uncover the truth.
Notes: Written as a gift for [ profile] a_rocky_ravine, who wanted something involving either Diego or Colias. This story is actually based on a silly Fan Theoryâ„¢ of mine, which I know isn't true, but I think it's cute. You can read my explanation for the theory (and see a few doodles) in this post!

'You really rocked in court today, Herr Justice,' said Klavier, leaning back in his chair. )


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