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I like writing fun things for people in my spare time, so I thought I would make an open post where people could request/suggest things for me to write (maybe just in the comments, but maybe something longer, if I get inspired). I don't know if anyone will be interested, but hey, why not?


1. No promises that I will actually be able to finish a request, since I do get busy/distracted/forgetful, but I'll try my very best.
2. I'm sorry in advance if don't manage it!
3. Please provide names of characters, how you'd like them to relate, and an additional prompt of some kind (song lyrics, a quotation, a theme, a sentence).
4. I probably won't write anything 18+, since I'm infrequently in the mood to do so.

Things I am currently willing to write. )
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Oh, also, I thought it would be fun to take drabble requests! So if you'd like a tiny little story from me, feel free to ask for one. Please give me a pairing and a brief prompt (a word or phrase or something like that). Also, because I don't want to be biased, if you want a general, non-pairing story, just give me one character name and a prompt, or two character names (and specify that you want it to be platonic). I'll be happy to write general fiction about most characters. Um, I hope that made sense.

And here's a list of fandoms and pairings I'll write for. If I don't list a pairing, it's probably because I think it would be harder for me to write. If you really want something else, though, feel free to ask for it, especially if it's something obscure. Maybe I just didn't think to list it! Ha ha, you should probably include a second choice, though. Or if you're torn, feel free to ask for two things, and I'll write one or possibly both of them.

I decided to list some weird stuff, because I thought it would be funnier that way. And if no one asks for anything, I'll just go and write stuff I'm SUPPOSED to be writing. ;)

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