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2011-07-03 07:09 pm

Story: Ace Attorney, "Every Breath" [Mia, Diego, Phoenix]

I haven't posted here in a while, for various reasons, but here, at last, is another Ace Attorney story. I am also working on a second AA story, which will be finished soon, I hope.

Title: Every Breath
Characters/Pairings: Mia, Diego, Phoenix; not really a pairing story, but there are mentions of Mia/Diego
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers for T&T, mentions of death
Word count: 4850
Summary: Mia has one last task to carry out, and Phoenix needs to learn how to listen.
Notes: Written for [ profile] luckykitty, the winner of my charity auction. Spans all the events of the first three games. The last part is set after Bridge to the Turnabout and shortly before the Zak Gramarye case.

Dying was never easy, not even for those who understood it best. )
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2010-07-01 01:36 am

Story: Ace Attorney, "Assets" [Diego/Mia]

Sorry to spam with these bingo stories--I don't know why it turned into Diego Bingo, but maybe I'll write something different soon.

Title: Assets
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Word count: 820
Pairing(s): Diego/Mia
Spoilers: there aren't any, I don't think?
Rating: All audiences.
Warnings: A bit of sauciness and innuendo, which doesn't really count, but I thought I'd mention it.
Summary: There are some wonderful things to see at the office, if you know where to look.
Notes: Set pre-games. For the prompt "cute bum".

Assets. )
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2010-06-19 10:53 pm

Story: Ace Attorney, "A Light Step" [Diego]

Title: A Light Step
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Word count: 647
Pairing(s): tiny hint of Diego/Mia
Spoilers: for the end of T&T
Rating: All audiences
Summary: All things come to an end. And another beginning.
Notes: Written for the Awesome Bingo (tm) made up by [ profile] plutokitty and me for the two of us to participate in. For the prompt "a heavy burden and a light step".

A Light Step. )