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I'm still working on request stories from that suggestions post, so if you asked for something, don't give up on me yet! I liked everything that everyone asked for. As usual, I'm slow, yet I also write more than is necessary, which makes me extra slow.

This story was written for one of [ profile] armistice_day's prompts. However, it was spurred on by [ profile] redvelvetaddict and me needing some serious cheering up last night. [ profile] redvelvetaddict asked for some Kaibas, and I thought I could feed two birds with one seed, so to speak. (I just decided I don't like the version of the saying that involves killing birds.)

This story is a little bit inspired by what made us sad.

Title: Ghosts
Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh DM
Word count: 3,240
Pairing(s): none
Rating: All audiences
Characters: Mokuba, Seto, Noa
Spoilers: For the part of the Battle City arc that involves Noa.
Warnings: Mentions of death? A little light sadness?
Summary: Mokuba thinks there's a ghost in his room. Seto thinks Mokuba's imagining things. Maybe they're both wrong.
Notes: Could be viewed as a slight AU, I guess? No wait, anything is possible in YGO, so it's fine.

Ghosts. )
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Finally, it's my [ profile] help_haiti story for [ profile] pandir!

Title: Insight
Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh
Word count: 6,600
Pairing(s): Pegasus/Seto
Rating: 15+
Spoilers: None, really? This is set pre-series.
Warnings: blood; and suggestions of violence, sexual situations, and child abuse (nothing graphic).
Summary: Seto Kaiba has come to see Pegasus, to propose a working relationship between Industrial Illusions and Kaiba Corp. Pegasus is indeed interested in Kaiba's new technology, but more interested in Kaiba himself.
Notes: After some deliberation, I decided to refer to Pegasus as if his only name is "Pegasus", kind of like Cher or Sting, because I didn't want to deal with calling him Maximillion or Mr. Crawford or whatever--he'll always just be Pegasus to me!

Insight. )

Also, some bonus pencil illustrations. Warning: a little bit of blood.

4 images behind the cut. )
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This fic is a collaboration with [ profile] pandir. Part one is hers, and part two is mine. She wrote part one for me in a fic request meme, and when I asked her if she wanted to request something in return, she requested a continuation of the same story.

Sadly, it took me a while to finish writing it, because I am tragically slow.

Title: A New Pet
Series: Yu-Gi-Oh
Word Count: 4,230
Pairing: Noa/Mokuba, Seto/??? (You must read it to find out who Seto is with, ha ha.)
Rating: K for kissing!
Genre(s): Comedy, romance
Notes: Since [ profile] pandir used the name Isono in her part, I used all the Japanese names for the characters, just to be consistent. Also, this is set post-series.

A New Pet. )


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